PENNA to release sophomore album 'SubLevels' November 1
Date: Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:46 am
Topic: Music News

New York multi-instrumentalist David Penna has completed tracks for the second release of his progressive hard rock project PENNA. Titled 'SubLevels', the EP was written and performed entirely by Penna, recorded with assistance from producer Chris Fasulo (Ill Nino, Chico Hamilton) and will be mastered by Dave Roman (Birdthrower, Leroy Burgess). The songs on 'SubLevels' are said to be more progressive and less dark than PENNA's acclaimed 2016 debut 'ChemicalGod'. The EP will be available November 1 for streaming or "Name Your Price" download from Bandcamp.

Penna first came to notariety in the early 90's as the drummer with Long Island tech-thrashers Kronin. Since then he has worked with Spastic Ink, Ad Astra, Ronnie Spector, Planet Hate, and members of The Coasters and The Del Vikings. Penna also coordinated the worldwide re-release of Kronin's sole full-length 'How Do You Start This Thing?' on No Dust Records. This coincided with the Lightyear Entertainment / Sony Pictures re-release of "Get Thrashed" in which Kronin's music was featured. You can isten to PENNA's first EP 'ChemicalGod' here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TJHq6LZRis. For more information visit: http://facebook.com/pennamusic

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