Former Planet Hate / Spastic Ink Drummer Takes the Lead with New Project
Date: Mon Oct 17, 2016 3:09 pm
Topic: Music News

August 2016 (New York, NY) -- Morose metal artist PENNA, led by New York songwriter / musician David Penna, has just released his debut EP ChemicalGod.

Penna began his musical career in the early 90's as the drummer of Long Island indie thrash heroes Kronin.  Setting his sights on being a freelancer, he once crashed a backup dancer audition to land the percussion gig with Ronnie Spector.  Penna's played with eco-metalheads Planet Hate, uber-tech gurus Spastic Ink and neo-proggists Ad Astra.  He’s also released a solo electronica album, had his music featured in several movies and tv shows, authored patterns for Korg musical instruments and appeared in some of their promotional / educational videos.

Although PENNA began as a band project, David wrote, played, sang and recorded everything on ChemicalGod himself.  His writing for the EP was inspired by his similar-genre influences Deftones, Jawbox, Jesu, King's X, Shiner and The Life And Times, as well as lifelong idols Stevie Wonder and The Beatles.  The music winds through shades of math rock, progressive, space rock, shoegaze and post metal, with lyrical themes touching on death, addiction and spirituality.

ChemicalGodis available exclusively from Bandcamp at pennamusic.bandcamp.com as a ‘Name Your Price’ download, Penna's mission being to share rather than sell his music.  For more information, visit PENNA on Facebook at facebook.com/pennamusic.


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