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Date: Sat May 30, 2015 1:12 am
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We like to present to you a real super-group from the US-Metal-scene: KNIGHT FURY from Arizona. The guys who are members of this band are well established in the US-scene like Ex-LIZZY-BORDEN Chris Sanders (guitars), Dave Ellefson (bass) and Ken Mary (drums). Both Dave and Ken may be known to metal-fans as (former) musicians in bands like MEGADETH, ALICE COOPER, IMPELLITERI and CHASTAIN.

Their debut-album “Time to Rock” was produced by the band itself in 2011. But the songs are simply too sophisticated and lyrical to be just an independent release and be buried in oblivion. So we decided to do a vinyl-release for this album on our label to give it its proper attention. The album (ca. 40 minutes playing-time) offers melodic Heavy Metal, which might remind some fans of FIFTH ANGEL (an Ex-band of drummer Ken) and older LEATHERWOLF-songs. The music is dominated by a pompous 80s-sound and includes the bombastic opener “Nothing”, the stomp-hits “Forbidden” and “The Message”, and the catchy, anthem-like title-track at the end of the album. Last but not least, we shouldn’t forget William King’s very original voice, which makes this album an absolute must-have for all Keep-it-True-Festival fans.

And now: listen and enjoy! It’s time to rock!


The Heavy Metal band Knight Fury was created by guitarist Chris Sanders. This latest production of his brought together vocalist William King, bassist David Ellefson (Megadeth) and drummer Ken Mary, (Alice Cooper, Impelliteri, Fifth Angel) and keyboardist Adam Emmons to record and deliver the sound of what Knight Fury is. The "Time to Rock" album show cases Sanders abilities as a composer and virtuoso guitarist with all musicians delivering the highest quality of talent and professionalism.

Sanders is an American guitarist and songwriter. He became known amongst Rock and Metal fans all over the world for playing numerous headlining tours in North America and Europe, and playing some of the most notable Festivals on the circuit; Sweden Rock Festival (Sweden) Bang Your Head (Germany) Keep it True (Germany) Kobeta Sonik (Spain) Rocklahoma (USA).

Sanders is also known as the lead guitarist for the heavy-metal band Lizzy Borden 2007-2010 and work with Nadir D'Priest of the 80's rock band London. Sanders toured on their U.S./U.K. tours which included billings at some of the largest rock & heavy-metal music festivals.

Sanders joined forces with former London frontman Nadir D'Priest. Critics compared Sanders playing style to the late Randy Rhoads saying "I was reminded of another young guitarist I once had the pleasure of seeing ... The guitarist was none other than Randy Rhoads".

In 2009 Sanders joined other musicians to record with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra inspired Northern Light Orchestra from which he once again worked with David Ellefson and Ken Mary.

William King is an American singer and lyricist from New York. His distinct tone and vocal style puts him in a league of his own earning the highest praises from industry professionals. Responsible for the epic vocal tracks and harmonies on the "Time to Rock" album, King clearly defines the fact that he has set bar for what a metal singer of today should be. King believes that the lyrics of songs should have meaning behind them and not just a bunch of words scribbled on a page, however leaving an open interpretation for the listener to take his own meaning from that.

Megadeth Bassist David Ellefson rocking the bass tracks on the "Time to Rock" album.

Adam Emmons is an American rock keyboardist, classical pianist, and songwriter from California. He earned his degree at the University of Redlands and has studied under some of classical music's finest musicians - one of whom which hails from a prestigious training leneage that can be traced all the way back to Beethoven. Adam has worked with Craig Goldy (Dio, Budgie) writing and recording songs, and has perfomed countless shows across the country. Melding his classical background and love of Metal, Adam delivers a unique and powerful sound that seamlessly harmonizes with the bold guitar solo's and cutting vocals.

Ken Mary is a heavy metal drummer known for having played in many groups such as Accept, Fifth Angel, Chastain, TKO, Impellitteri, House of Lords, Bonfire and Alice Cooper.

Knight Fury - Time To Rock can be purchased at http://www.puresteel-shop.com


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